Cornholio For Prez 2016

Satan Lurks Below


Here’s a cute baby and some puppies. Aren’t you tired of a certain someone clogging up your feed? #nevertrump

Porcupine Disco

Earth in the Sea = Riches for Me

Awareness Must Equal Votes Or All Is Lost

2016: The First Two Year Long Year


How’s the first half of #2016 going for you so far? New Years is halftime… #tcot #libcrib

Which Is It Haters?

Haters gonna hate, and the don’t care why.

The REAL Golden Showers

Kicking “lazy druggie moochers” for fun & profit.

Women: Know Your Place (Not In The GOP)

The Honorable Justice Barack Obama Presiding

What do you think? Could it happen? Should it happen? #Obama #SCOTUS

That’s Kyle, With An Asterisk

Never let pesky facts ruin a good story.

Jesus Is Charlie Brown? Good Grief!

You Cannot Kill Free Speech – Only Make It Stronger

Unknowable Nonsense

Let The Political Torture Begin

The only thing politically motivated here is the blatant GOP CYA.

Torture is a Bummer

We should all be fed up with this. Where are the prosecutions?

In The End, Math Wins

Look in your wallet.  Being bad at math isn’t funny.

Cosplay: Zero Fatalities

Both live in a fantasy world, but only one realizes it.

What The Hagel?

Even when you want to work with us,  you’re still no good at your job.

I Don’t Think It Means What You Think It Means

Ask your fellow conservative to define what amnesty is.