Toots For Jesus!

Oh God… My Best Friend?


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Religion Is The Sugar Coating On Tragedy

Zeus vs Jesus: Equivalent Mythical Fiction

Jesus = Zeus: It must be the beard.

Only As Far As The Eye Can See

Even smaller: the imagination of Biblical authors.

Cementing the Savior

It’s a Festivus Miracle!

Check out my custom Festivus ugly holiday sweater!

Happy Festivus!

Venn of Belief Hypocrisy

Small World, Small Minds

The Matrix of Eden and Knowledge

Prayer? Defer To Amusement

It’s bound to be much more entertaining that way.

Want to Know, Not Know What You Want

It may not be what you want to hear, but what you want is irrelevant.

A Family Circus Gone Wrong

Something Yoda Doesn’t Know

The Sin of Selfish Ignorance

It’s Obvious: Don’t Lie, Kill, or Steal

Not a gift from God, but one of our greatest evolutionary inventions.

Edit Theism: -1

One less thing is all the difference in the world. #atheism

A Challenge of the Imagination

#atheism The key component of “imaginary friend” is imagination and yours is way better than the “standard options.”

I Don’t Think He Means What You Say He Means

Why does THIS guy have so little in common with the views espoused by American fundamentalist Christians?