Sep 10, 2014 - Comments - Geekin', Original Godfrey -

The REAL Bombshell: Apple Pay

220,000 Merchants. Apple stores, Macy’s, Walgreens, Staples, Subway, McDonald’s, Whole Foods, Sephora, Disney, and Panera.

Disney alone does billions in retail sales alone. Add in the hotel deals like Starwood where you can use your phone to pay for your hotel room AND open your hotel room door, and you have a paradigm shift on your hands.

Sure the new iPhone 6 is bigger, brighter, with a better camera, and cool new tech, but it’s the infrastructure dummy!

Or we may have another Sacajawea coin on our hands. Time will tell.

I’m optimistic that the already large infrastructure will start to grow and more merchants will sign on. With over 100 million iPhone 5/5s/5c model phones sold and iPhone 6/6 Plus projected to even sell even more, it’s not hard to imagine situations where iPhones come often into contact with NFC compatible devices.

Add to that the possibility of in-store sales through retail applications and adoption becomes even easier.

Did you notice how nicely the new iPhone 6 & 6 Plus fill out the size chart? Now the “free” 5c can occupy the small slot.

And way to bring back “One more thing…” I mean we all knew what it would be the new Apple Watch, but it was still awesome! And the new Apple Watch is awfully pretty!

Features include:
– Wireless charging
– Apple Pay support
– Step tracker w/ barometer to detect elevation changes
– Heart rate monitor
– Customizable bands
– Awesome looks
– Some variant of all other current smart watch feature out there