Sep 12, 2014 - Comments - Humor, Original Godfrey, Politics -

For Sarah: My Global Apologies List


Tweeting the hashtag #GlobalApology. What things should we truly be apologetic for?

Recently on Hannity, Sarah Palin said, “I owe America a global apology” for not winning the 2008 election. Of course, it’s ridiculous Palin-ese but I thought it would be fun to list “global apologies” America should actually be sorry for.

Here’s my list (in no particular order):

Miley Cyrus music, Miley Cyrus fashion sense, Miley Cyrus videos, anything Hannah Montana, Scentsy parties, Westborough Baptist Church, Hobby Lobby, Veggie Tales, YOLO, TmZ, The sham wow, selfies, emoticons, Ted Cruz, food bloggers, KFC double down,
Anti-vaxers, climate deniers, creationists, anything Kardashian, George Zimmerman (and by extension: The American justice system)

What are your “global apologies”? Tweet #GlobalApology!